Let us manufacture profiles according to your requirements. With first-class machines, precise technologies and optimal tools, dedicated employees produce customized steel profiles, aluminum profiles and stainless steel profiles with complex cross-sections, tight tolerances, minimal radii and sophisticated surfaces.


Whatever metal profile you want: We develop the right process for you. Because the process-oriented design of profile shape and cross-section increase the economic efficiency of your products enormously. Supported by simulations, we offer you particularly functional cross-section shapes and tolerances. For your ready-to-assemble total solution, we master numerous other processing steps such as notching, bending, clinching, deburring, foiling, joining, fixed-length finishing, riveting, bevel cutting, welding, toxing.

Profilmetall Ingenieure


  • Particularly functional cross-section shapes and tolerances
  • Cost-efficient product variety through process-integrated machining options
  • Solution-oriented development partner


There are virtually no limits to the variety of materials: to suit your product requirements, we manufacture cold-rolled sections from the following materials: uncoated and coated steel grades up to high-strength steels with 1800 MPA, hot-dip coated and pre-painted strips, stainless steels and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, titanium and nickel in various alloys, as well as hybrid materials such as plastic-metal compounds. In addition, we also join different materials in a process-integrated manner for the best possible solution.


  • All strip materials
  • Coated or pre-painted surfaces
  • Hybrid materials or inline joining of different materials
Xellar von Profilmetall


Our machine park includes equipment from a wide range of manufacturers, as well as the innovative Xellar production cells. When selecting the plant components, we pay attention to high redundancy, supported by the mechanical engineering of our sister company Profilmetall Engineering. Each system is compatible with at least one other system. This enables us to act flexibly according to your needs, including the production of series on customer-owned tools if, for example, your customer-specific profiling system is still under development.


  • Leistungsfähiger Maschinenpark
  • Hohe Redundanz
  • High-performance machinery
  • High redundancy
  • Flexibility due to Xellar production cells
Xellar X-Roll von Profilmetall wird bedient

Assembly Work

With component assembly, we integrate customer-specific add-on parts into a complete product in a highly rational manner. You receive the finished assembly with the entire functionality without detours – whenever and wherever you want.


  • Savings on transport routes
  • Fast throughput times
  • Increased variant capability


With prototypes and pilot series, we enable you to obtain fast results with regard to the form, function and tolerance of your precision profiles. In interaction with your products, you receive statements on functional characteristics such as spring effect, clip function, adhesion of foils, polishability of surfaces and much more.


  • Reliable functional characteristics
  • Fast adaptability in the pre-series phase, from tools to pre-material to packaging solutions

Quality Assurance

From initial sampling to final inspection: process-specific measurement technology such as 3D measurement technology or profile and roll scanners accompany each of our processes. From the starting material to delivery, digital process control also ensures the traceability of material and production batches. The basis for this is provided by product-specific drawings and inspection plans as well as the respective design quality and environmental standards.


  • Excellent repeatability
  • Inspection plans tailored to further processing
  • Traceability
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Variant Production

Unlike extruded profiles or bent parts, the roll forming process or profiling is characterized by its diversity of variants. Thanks to the modular design of our tooling systems, production variants can be manufactured particularly economically. Starting with material variants such as aluminum for lightweight construction or stainless steel for special climate requirements for a product group, to process variants such as punching, stamping, notching, partial foiling, in addition to fixed lengths and length variants as classics. Thanks to reserved production windows, we adapt to your needs at short notice.


  • Material variants specific to the area of application
  • Process-integrated processing variants
  • Hole and length variants also at short notice


With product-specific packaging systems, we ensure that your profiles are packaged appropriately and safely for transport. In addition to pure transport packaging, we also develop and implement customized special packaging for you. In doing so, we take into account the planned further processing, extended functional requirements as well as optical design elements.

Types of Packaging

  • Reusable packaging such as Euro pallets or wire mesh boxes in exchange
  • Bundle or pallet packaging with wooden end pieces or collars
  • Corrosion protection packaging
  • Cardboard packaging with or without VCI coating
  • Wooden and steel crate packaging
  • Packaging according to ISPM15-IPPC guidelines
  • Special packaging such as shrink film
  • Functional packaging for process-integrated further processing

Shipping Logistics

For your roll-formed profiles, we also offer global logistics and supply chain expertise. Customer-specific storage and logistics models also ensure the supply and short-term availability of slit strip, semi-finished or finished products. Commissioning and component assembly also increase the possible variety of variants.


  • Short-term availability of material, semi-finished products or assemblies
  • Transparent stock levels at all times
  • Commissioning and subassembly as complementary services
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All designs and tools are developed and manufactured in-house and tested in pilot series. The systems can be seamlessly integrated into our systems. This allows us to quickly and cost-effectively implement all forming process steps: roll forming tools, punching tools, parting tools, embossing dies, bending tools, modularly and precisely on the way to your roll formed profile.


  • In-house tooling competence
  • Punctual start of series production
  • Fast adaptation to changed requirements