Material variants

Profilmetall produces roll-formed profiles from all sheet materials such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, titanium, molybdenum, pre-painted materials and composites - starting from 0.08 mm material thickness.

Switch cabinet profile

Elektro, Switch cabinet construction

Shelf profile

Storage technique, Shelf profile

Frame profile

Airbus, Frame profile

Battery profile

Automotive, Springprofile

Load compartment profile

Automotive, Rear trunk profile

Facade profile

Facade technology, Helical duct

Photovoltaic profile

Photo-voltaic, Heat conductor sheet

Conductor rail

Toys, Current-carrying rail

Profile support

Furniture, Stake profile

Decorative trim

Refrigerator, Decorative strip

Manhole cover

3D stainless steel profile with high gloss surface for luxury cars

Paternoster profile

Laser welded and perforated high strength steel guide profile with high precision and flatness for paternoster

Switch cabinet profile

Laser welded steel profile for electrical switchgear cabinet with high contour accuracy with precise perforation with low hole size tolerance

Laser profile

Laser welded galvanized steel electrical enclosure profile with pressed in nuts

Load compartment cover

Cathodic dip-painted aluminum profile, ready for assembly with laser-welded lugs

Stiffening profile

Roll-formed steel profile with many holes and hole variants as window stiffener in motorhomes

Roller shutter profile

Pre-painted steel profiles, folded inline, for rolling up sunblinds

Facade profile

Roll-formed stainless steel profile with complex geometry, process-integrated with partial adhesive strip

Mounting rail

Roll-formed steel profile with stability increase by plastic material forming

Cabinet profile

Laser welded cabinet profile with sharp contour and precise hole spacing

Drawer profile Hettich

Roll-formed steel profile for drawers with exact contour accuracy, integrated post-cutting process and visible surfaces with flawless appearance

Suspension profile

Nickel-plated steel profile with high degree of deformation and defined torsional strength kit for suspension of files