With the know-how of more than 40 years of profile production, we are a sought-after specialist for innovative roll-formed profiles. Through the perfect cooperation of many dedicated employees, we develop novel processes and well thought-out profiling solutions that perfectly fit your requirements.

The specialist
for roll-formed
metal profiles

About us

The PROFILMETALL Group is the specialist for roll-formed metal profiles and enables profiling in a new dimension with its innovative profiling systems. As the only supplier of roll-formed profiles and profiling systems, the group combines the business areas engineering, tool and profiling system construction as well as series production under the umbrella of a group of companies with currently 100 employees. This includes Profilmetall GmbH in Hirrlingen/Tübingen and Profilmetall Engineering GmbH in Marktheidenfeld/Würzburg, Germany.


  • euro-blech
    Euroblech 2022


    • PROFILMETALL draws positive conclusion from Euroblech: Roll forming as material- and energy-efficient forming process on the upswing.
    • Trade show successes: Contracts signed, great interest in higher and high-strength steels and in energy saving, more international response.
  • blech-magazin


    Profilmetall will showcase a new rollforming line, components for rollforming high-strength steels and an energy-saving cutting unit at Euroblech 2022.

  • auchkomm-personen


    and intensifies growth course. Material efficiency in times of raw material scarcity: roll forming as a cost-effective manufacturing process for lightweight components

  • baender-bleche-rohre
    Bänder Bleche Rohre


    Why modern roll forming lines are an energetic and economical alternative for sheet metal workers who produce finished profiles in small batches. And why Profilmetall’s roll forming modular system is particularly well suited for this purpose.

  • blech-magazin


    Energy efficiency in manufacturing is becoming an increasingly important factor when it comes to competitiveness. In this context, roll forming offers real advantages as a cold-forming technology. With the Xellar rollforming line, Profilmetall – thanks to clever energy management – goes one better. This is not the only advantage the line offers.

  • euro-blech
    EUROBLECH 2022


    • PROFILMETALL at Euroblech: Wider, stronger, stronger – efficient roll forming of higher and high-strength steels up to 400 mm
    • Innovations: Xellar profiling system for wide sheets, energy-saving cutting unit in console design with variable drive units.
  • Blech Rohre Profile Logo
    Blech Rohre Profile

    Profiling system for large families of parts with precise intermediate die cuts

    Roll-forming profiles with complex cross-sections in numerous length variants and always precisely positioned die-cuts is a demanding task. A customized system concept from Profilmetall masters it with integrated intermediate punching – for part families with over 200 designs.

  • Aluminium Kurier

    Lightweight and affordable aluminum components

    Roll forming: the alternative from extrusion.
    It is true that the tooling costs for roll forming aluminum are higher than for extrusion. Nevertheless, it is often more favorable for large quantities, functional part geometries and high-quality surfaces. Very thin-walled and at the same time stable profiles can be roll-formed from aluminum. In addition, profile variants can be produced flexibly and additional work steps can be integrated. Even pre-painted or film-coated materials for Class A surfaces can be processed.

Profilmetall in Hirrlingen


  • Profilmetall 2020


    A Corona year comes to an end. We thank our business partners and employees for the good teamwork.

  • Xellar Profilieranlage von Profilmetall Engineering


    The first XELLAR profiling system is installed and sets new standards in roll forming technology.

  • Profile von Profilmetall

    Research Project

    First international research project with 13 research partners, funded by the European Union.

  • Profilmetall 2009

    Award Ceremony

    First awards for business model and entrepreneurial courage. Others for management qualities, strategic human resources development, innovation and environmental protection will follow.

  • Profilmetall 2007


    Laser-welded special profiles complement the production program. Profilmetall is the main sponsor of the Hirrlingen sports club.

  • Profilmetall 2006

    Process Chain

    Expansion of the process chain for the development and manufacture of tools; finite element analysis (FEA) is introduced.

  • Profilmetall 2003


    Foundation of PROFILAKADEMIE e.V. as a technical forum for application and knowledge experts.

  • Profilmetall 1999 Messestand

    Company Succession

    Daniela Eberspächer-Roth and Manfred Roth take over the company as part of a succession plan and develop the company into a high-tech supplier of roll-formed profiles. For the first time, the range of services is exhibited at trade fairs in Sinsheim and Hanover.

  • 1995


    The areas of construction, warehousing and commissioning service are built up in a targeted manner. Profilmetall becomes the first company in the roll forming industry to be certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

  • Profilmetall in Hirrlingen


    Relocation to Hirrlingen (district of Tübingen) with 8,000 sqm of production and storage space, efficient plant and equipment, as well as tool and equipment construction.

  • Profilmetall 1795


    Spin-off from the company Heinzelmann Maschinenbau. The business idea of Dr. Helmut Eberspächer: Production of customized roll-formed precision profiles according to customer requirements.


Certified area: production of roll-formed profiles and tools

Certified area: production of roll-formed profiles and tools


  • German Innovation Award
    German Innovation Award

    PROFILMETALL receives the German Innovation Award in the category Machines & Engineering.

    The German Innovation Award was presented on Tuesday, May 26, 2020. Among the winners is the profiling system XELLAR, which prevailed in the category Machines and Engineering. With the newly developed profiling system XELLAR, PROFILMETALL combines for the first time all requirements for Smart Profiling in one system: Whether roll forming, punching or welding – XELLAR adapts flexibly and future-proof to the respective product.

  • Best Of Industry Award
    1st place at the Best Of Industry Award 2019

    PROFILMETALL wins with the profiling line 4.1 in the category forming technology

    On Thursday, June 27, 2019, the Best of Industry Award 2019 was presented after a voting period of several weeks. With the profiling system 4.1, PROFILMETALL Engineering GmbH prevailed in the forming technology category. The profiling line 4.1 – Ergonomic, Efficient, Modular, Digital – embodies all these requirements in a resource-saving system. Independent production cells can be freely combined and are fully functional. Environmental protection, energy efficiency and occupational safety – enclosed by a protective hood. Plus fully functional, freely combinable production cells. This is an absolute novelty in the roll forming industry.

  • 1st Place BMM Award 2018

    Manufacture for leadership culture in medium-sized companies awards prize for best management in SMEs

    The BMM AWARD “Best Management in SMEs” supports the efforts of medium-sized companies to improve the quality of their management culture. In the category “Newcomer”, the evaluation of the business description is based on the “Leadership Manual for Medium-Sized Businesses”. PROFILMETALL achieved the highest score in this category so far. PROFILMETALL was awarded for its special commitment to establish a success-oriented and attractive leadership culture in German medium-sized companies. The topics of leadership, strategy and employees were considered.

  • 1. Place „Gipfelstürmer des Jahres 2018“

    Ministry of the Environment awards efficiency prize of the KEFF network for exemplary entrepreneurial commitment.

    Profilmetall GmbH from Hirrlingen offers a broad portfolio ranging from the development of innovative profiles to the worldwide logistics of ready-to-assemble profiles. Following the KEFF check, the company implemented energy efficiency measures from several fields of action. The company optimized the process and the building directly. The compressed air compressor and the compressed air ring line were optimized and the plant was equipped with an intelligent control system. The motor control on the production equipment was improved. The lighting has been completely replaced by LEDs, and intelligent control is also used here. The company is also focusing on heat recovery, electric mobility – including forklifts – and involving its 64 employees in the search for and implementation of efficiency measures. The company saves around 300,000 kilowatt hours per year as a result of the measures implemented.

  • German Education Award Education and Talent Management

    1st place for PROFILMETALL Group.

    The competition organised by the TÜV SÜD Academy and the consultancy firm EuPD Research Sustainable Management was held for the first time in 2013. The education and talent management at over 130 companies was audited and benchmarked. The PROFILMETALL Group received this award for the exemplary nature of its strategic education and talent management.

  • Business in Schools

    PROFILMETALL honoured for its dedicated work with educational partners

    The Reutlingen Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) has honoured PROFILMETALL for its dedicated work with the following educational partners: Realschule Haigerloch (Haigerloch), Carl-Joseph-Leiprecht-Schule (Rottenburg, N.), Joachim-Schäfer-Schule (Rangendingen), Grund- und Hauptschule mit Werkrealschule Hirrlingen (Hirrlingen). The aim of the “Business in Schools” (“Wirtschaft macht Schule”) campaign is to improve the professional and future prospects of all pupils.

  • Best Professional Supplier

    The PROFILMETALL Group was honoured as one of the four best companies in Germany as a finalist in the “Components and Custom Parts” category

    For outstanding results in the five main performance areas: business model, profitability, operational excellence, quality of processes and products, and sustainability. The Award, which was presented for the first time in 2011, was created by PricewaterhouseCoopers with partners Deutsche Messe AG and Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co. KG.

  • Regional Prize for Young Companies

    1st place for PROFILMETALL Group

    The prize awarded by the State of Baden-Württemberg and the L-Bank is one of the most coveted honours in the industry. The selection process includes an assessment of corporate concept, entrepreneurial performance and commercial success. An additional crucial factor is that the personality of the winners and their social competence must serve as an example to other firms. More than 400 firms from Baden-Württemberg competed for the 2010 Regional Prize.

  • Temp-Award

    1st place for PROFILMETALL Group

    The TEMP-Award presented by Professor Lothar Späth honours companies who have successfully applied the TEMP-method® in the areas of management, customers, staff and processes to advance their companies decisively.