The best way to show you the range of our capabilities is to look at a few selected examples from our customer references. The service portfolio is divided into six areas and offers a small overview of the forty years of roll forming know-how at Profilmetall.


Profile support

Electrolytically galvanized steel profile, roll formed and punched for partition walls


How can we switch to a new system approach in less than 6 months without jeopardizing series supply?


  • Optimization of the geometry of the component
  • Integration of further requirements from the area of add-on parts with a very short start-up time
  • Customer requirement: Reduce assembly effort and improve flexibility

Our Solution

Through disruptive ideas and rapid exchange of experts in a team working in partnership, a new component is developed in which all previous add-on parts can still be used. Transport weights and volumes are reduced and assembly times are shortened. The series delivery capability can thus be realized five months after the first technical discussion.

"The smooth running of the series launch of the new profile in such a short time was top-notch, We feel very well looked after."


Roll-formed stainless steel profile with complex geometry and process-integrated with partial adhesive strip


How can two components be combined to form a complex geometry and thus extend the technical lead of the façade profile?


  • Process stainless steel and galvanized steel with one roll forming tool
  • Combine several individual profiles into one profile cross section
  • Many asymmetrically distributed holes
  • Partial application of an adhesive strip within the roll forming process

Our Solution

We developed a process for a roll-formed profile in which both steel and stainless steel can be formed with a roll-forming tool, in combination with partial application of an adhesive strip. The result is a ready-to-install facade profile in numerous variants. This facade solution is more stable, can be used in galvanized steel without a plastic edge, and is considerably more sustainable as a stainless steel profile. In addition, the compact profile solution reduces the variety of parts to the relevant function and simplifies storage and handling in the supply chain.

"I wouldn't have thought that, almost perfect the first time - to be honest, I only trusted PROFILMETALL to do that."

Facade profile

Composite profile of aluminum and stainless steel, roll-formed and assembled as screw channel

Mounting rail

Roll-formed steel profile with stability increase by plastic material forming

Renewable Energy

Photovoltaic profile

Sunselect coated copper profile roll formed as heat conduction sheet for photovoltaic

Electrical Installation

Switch cabinet profile

Laser-welded control cabinet profile with high contour accuracy with precise perforation with low hole sum tolerance


Wie lassen sich Schaltschränke mit rollgeformten Profilen vor Ort schneller und flexibler montieren?


  • 4 Befestigungsvarianten in einem Profilquerschnitt
  • 3 verschiedene Lochraster
  • Hohe Umformgenauigkeit in der Lochsummentoleranz
  • Platzersparnis durch einen kompakten Profilquerschnitt
  • Flexiblere nachträgliche Gerätemontage

Our Solution

Die Entwicklung und Realisierung eines Rollformprozesses auf Basis von geclusterten Lochrastern in Verbindung mit einem Gleitmutterkanal. Anders als beim vorhergehenden Strangpressprofil ist in der Montage kein Ausmessen von Löchern und kein Bohren mehr nötig. Dadurch wird der flexible und schnelle Aufbau von Schaltschränken erleichtert und beschleunigt.

"Es hat einfach Spaß gemacht von der Entwicklung bis zur Serie eng mit PROFILMETALL zusammenzuarbeiten. Die Zusammenarbeit war auf einem sehr hohen Level. Wir wurden als Partner wahrgenommen und sind immer willkommen."

Switch cabinet profile

Inward folded closed steel profile with continuously integrated threaded nozzles

Laser profile

Laser welded galvanized steel electrical enclosure profile with pressed in nuts


Paternoster profile

Laser welded and perforated high strength steel guide profile with high precision and flatness for paternoster

Shelf profile

Roll-formed steel profile with different strength values, welded with numerous length variants just in time

Cabinet profile

Laser welded cabinet profile with sharp contour and precise hole spacing

Drawer profile

Roll-formed steel profile with exact contour accuracy, integrated post-cutting process and visible surfaces with flawless appearance for drawers

Suspension profile

Nickel-plated steel profile with high degree of forming and defined torsional strength for hanging files

Conductor rail

Galvanized steel profile, roll formed and bent, for toys

Air conditioning

Roller shutter profile

Pre-painted steel profile folded inline for rolling up sun blinds


Battery profile

Hardened spring steel composite profile for electric vehicles, roll-formed and process-integrated bonded with thermoplastic material


How can a spring profile be connected to a plastic injection molded part in series production as economically as possible?


  • Development of a machine-falling part (without manual reworking) from two components for series production.
  • Consulting and realization from prototype to technical specification to process optimization of the complete supply chain.
  • Claim of the customer: Halve costs, multiply robustness.

Our Solution

By modifying and simplifying the add-on parts to the greatest possible extent, a complex injection-molded part can be replaced by a simple plastic strip. The result is a proven system component that is used in many electrified vehicle series as a standard component by German automakers.

"The excellent and goal-oriented cooperation with PROFILMETALL has always been a great pleasure. PROFILMETALL's technical solution competence was the basis for successfully bringing our development into series production."

Load compartment cover

Cathodic dip painted aluminum profile ready for assembly with laser welded lugs

Manhole cover

3D stainless steel profile with high gloss surface for luxury cars

Load compartment profile

Roll-formed aluminum profile with precision-fit punching and free-form geometry for passenger cars

Frame profile

Roll formed and 3D bent aluminum profile for aircraft