Battery profile

Hardened spring steel composite profile for electric vehicles, roll-formed and process-integrated bonded with thermoplastic material.

Batterie Profil


How can a spring profile be connected to a plastic injection molded part in series production as economically as possible?


  • Development of a machine-falling part (without manual reworking) from two components for series production.
  • Consulting and realization from prototype to technical specification to process optimization of the complete supply chain.
  • Claim of the customer: Halve costs, multiply robustness.

Our Solution

By modifying and simplifying the add-on parts to the greatest possible extent, a complex injection-molded part can be replaced by a simple plastic strip. The result is a proven system component that is used in many electrified vehicle series as a standard component by German automakers.

„The excellent and goal-oriented cooperation with PROFILMETALL has always been a great pleasure. PROFILMETALL’s technical solution competence was the basis for successfully bringing our development into series production.“

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