Switch cabinet profile

Laser-welded control cabinet profile with high contour accuracy with precise perforation with low hole sum tolerance.

Schaltschrank Profil


How can control cabinets with roll-formed profiles be assembled faster and more flexibly on site?


  • 4 fastening variants in one profile cross-section
  • 3 different hole patterns
  • High forming accuracy in the hole sum tolerance
  • Space saving due to compact profile cross-section
  • More flexible retrofitting of units

Our solution

The development and realisation of a roll forming process based on clustered hole grids in combination with a sliding nut channel. Unlike the previous extruded profile, it is no longer necessary to measure out holes and drill holes during assembly. This facilitates and accelerates the flexible and fast assembly of control cabinets.

„It was simply fun to work closely with PROFILMETALL from development to series production. The cooperation was on a very high level. We were perceived as partners and are always welcome.“

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