Facade profile plaster rail

Roll-formed stainless steel profile with complex geometry, process-integrated with partial adhesive strip.

Fassaden Profil


How can two components be combined to form a complex geometry and thus extend the technical lead of the facade profile?


  • Process stainless steel and galvanized steel with one roll forming tool
  • Combine several individual profiles into one profile cross section
  • Many asymmetrically distributed holes
  • Partial application of an adhesive strip within the roll forming process

Our solution

We developed a process for a roll-formed profile in which both steel and stainless steel can be formed with a roll-forming tool, in combination with partial application of an adhesive strip. The result is a ready-to-install facade profile in numerous variants.

This facade solution is more stable, can be used in galvanized steel without a plastic edge, and is considerably more sustainable as a stainless steel profile. In addition, the compact profile solution reduces the variety of parts to the relevant function and simplifies storage and handling in the supply chain.

„I wouldn’t have thought that, almost perfect the first time – to be honest, I only trusted PROFILMETALL to do that.“

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