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Co-engineering for developing and designing optimal profiles and prototyping

You are the experts in your products and their requirements and we are the experts in efficient profiling processes. We will gladly assist you with our co-engineering, even during the development phase, and will ensure that you get appropriate profiles within a short period of time at minimum costs. The sooner you contact us, the better we can advise you and propose cost-effective solutions for customising your profiles in the best possible manner.

Efficient and direct communication

Through direct communication with our experienced designers, you always have competent contact persons at your side who can design and optimise solutions for you quickly. Our staff are accustomed to direct contact to the client because of our numerous research and development projects with national and international partners.

PROFILMETALL develops and designs highly precise and efficient profiles and

  • conducts feasibility analyses and simulations. Thus, we determine whether the profile you want to make is technically feasible, if it has the required technical characteristics or if undesired structural changes occur during cold-forming

  • takes care of geometrical design or geometry optimisation for optimising the production process, in terms of manufacturing and economy

  • generates material variants, hole pattern variants and length variants for profiles for achieving cost-effective production for diverse areas of application. For example, if the same profile is required in a complex design for contact with food items and as a simple model without any special requirements.

PROFILMETALL develops and manufactures profile prototypes and prototype tools and

  • adapts the tool design to the different project stages

  • designs prototype tools that can be used later as series production profiles with minor modifications, which saves time and costs

  • manufactures efficient and meaningful prototypes

  • develops special tools, using which additional work steps and subsequent processes can be integrated with the process of production.

Do contact us if you are looking for support in designing and developing profiles and for manufacturing prototypes and tool prototypes: PROFILMETALL Engineering GmbH.

More about the PROFILMETALL group

Profiling systems tailored to suit your requirements
Profiling systems tailored to suit your requirements
Roll-forming tools – perfect for every profiling system
Roll-forming tools – perfect for every profiling system


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PROFILMETALL auf der Hannover Messe 2014

13th -17th April 2015 - hall 4, booth E34


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